CallBar: Never Be Interrupted By A Call Again! [giveaway]

Our phones these days are pretty amazing devices. We surf the web, message, navigate, and even play games. Sometimes however, we actually receive a call (I know right?!) ! While this action is expected, (it is a phone after all) a lot of times we find ourselves in the middle of something when someone wants to reach out and say hello.

What’s worse, even if we don’t care to speak to whichever girlfriend we may be blowing off tonight in favor of a marathon session of Temple Run, it switches out of the game! Not cool. What we need is a way to dismiss that strumpet and get on with our evening, without having to pause the game…What we need, is CallBar!

CallBar hit Cydia a month or so before iOS 5 dropped, and given we were all testing the beta, we couldn’t install it. Once it was finally updated for 5.0, we jumped on it like a pack of hungry wolves on a pile of meat. Could this be as awesome as we had hoped? Short answer: Yes.

CallBar uses a notification banner type alert that unobtrusively slides down from the top when receiving a call,  allowing the user to continue on with whatever it is he might be doing, no matter who calls him. Aside from that, if you have some aversion to the actual phone app, callbar even includes a nifty gesture based dialer.

Although there is still a few bugs to work out, it’s a tweak that will soon be on everyone’s must have list for sure. Best part about it? If you are one of the lucky readers, you get it FREE! We have five ( 5 ) licenses for it. See below for rules and such. Or, you could always just hit up Cydia and buy it… Good luck!

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NOTE: Winners will be announced Tuesday, March 6th via a DM on Twitter


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