GeoHotz: iPhone 3Gs Jailbreak Is Easy, But We Have To Wait

On a previous FSMdotCOM post, you were informed that iPhone 3Gs was unlocked by GeoHotz but the iPhone Dev Team delays the release.

After being questioned on iPhone 3Gs jailbreak, GeoHotz responded by saying that the process is really simple because it is enough to add only 10 lines of code  in Redsn0w, the Tool of the DevTeam.

At this point we should wait for the new firmware 3.0.1 to be able to perform the Jailbreak dell’iPhone 3GS!

The new firmware is scheduled to be released sometime in July, so you just have to wait a couple more days, but my guess is that its worth waiting.

The reason is simple: Given that the Firmware 3.0 is full of bugs, it is clear that Apple will release an update soon. If the DevTeam release programs, Apple will probably be able to block them with the next update.