Geoff Teehan: iPhone Home Screen Concept – Not Impressive

Today, i came across a concept of the iPhone homescreen that belongs to a Geoff Teehan from Teehan+Lax, who has posted on the concept on their blog. Unfortunately ( or not ), Apple has prevented any changes to the home screen via the SDK; however, its possible that someone could create an implementation of this for users with jailbroken devices.

Basically you can create a scrollable homescreen with all the important stuff for you. ” You can see from the screens it’s essentially just a scrollable list of applications and notifications. We envision it behaving in much the same way that the list view does in the Calendar application. By default it may track things like missed calls, unread emails and calendar events. But what if users could allow other apps to feed into this screen as well? If I’m a Facebook junkie I’d be able to tell the Facebook app to include certain feeds on my home screen. If I was a frequent traveler I may include the Tripit app to show me my upcoming trips. The options would only be limited by what apps you have installed.

Might be a major breakthrough for iPhone/iTouch users whom never heard of a little but effective process called “jailbreaking”, but if you are on a JB’d device, you can do this for quite some time with the help of such tools as IntelliScreen.

Also, as a personal note, i pretty much dont like this kind of homescreens at all because:

  • do i own an iPhone or a Windows Mobile? So confused…
  • sucks memory like crazy