Next Gen iPhone: Likely Available Within a Month! Apple, How About…

We all cant wait for the new new iPhone to get here. There are all sorts of rumors on the www and FSMdotCOM pretty much summed them up here .
Its assumed that Walt Mossberg, which has been a reporter and editor at the Wall Street Journal since 1970 , already has at least 1 next gen iPhone and he pretty much leaks some interesting spicy facts like the new iPhone hardware will be “likely available within a month.”

Walt also says : “Whether the Pre is better than the iPhone depends on your personal preferences, though I’d note that the new iPhone to be unveiled next week will have lots of added features that could alter those calculations.” There is one speculation that the new iPhone will have the apple logo on the back illuminated exactly like the MacBook and MacBook Pro have it.

That would be pretty awesome, and it will sure bring some more eye candy to the iPhone, but let me ask you this: how about the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone could play the role of a flash for the camera? Just saying, i dont know… what do you think?