Create a Photorealistic iPhone With Photoshop [video]

Video tutorial on how to create a photorealistic iPhone from scratch with photoshop

Today we’re going to try something new: a photoshop tutorial. If you are following me on twitter , you know i invade my followers with creative links. I used to work as a web-designer and i love creativity in general. Of course im not a good designer, but im a good critic ( aint we all? ). Right now i do some design form time to time, either on FSMdotCOM or customers ( usually print ).

Photoshop is an amazing tool, and really easy to use but a lot of people are scared of it. If you know how to use PhotoShop just a tiny bit, this tutorial will rock your world. This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a photorealistic iPhone from scratch, YES , from scratch. Do you realize the potential of knowing how to create a photorealistic iPhone today? Just think about it….

There it is, your photorealistic iPhone created by YOU. Now what this videos twice or 3 times and learn how to create this iPhone, then learn how to create some other UI elements, and pimp those skillz. YOU know where im going with this?


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