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FullBlast: Airplay Music Streaming For The Rest Of Us

So you have heard all your buddies going on and on about Airplay. It sounds awesome, right? Of corse it does. Its amazing. The only problem is that you don’t have the chedder to pick up one of those spiffy new AppleTV’s. Enter FullBlast.

FullBlast is a brand new app that hopes to help you with at least half of this problem. While it doesn’t stream video, it does effortlessly stream your music over your wifi network… to your Xbox, PS3, or any other networked device.

Functionally, its works just like airplay, except contained within an app. When you open the app, it loads up your iTunes playlist. Next you select your song. Finally you select whatever blasphemous device you want to stream too and the party begins.

Sound like something you might be in too? Head on over to the app store and check it out. Its $2.99 for a limited time.