Will We Get Full HD Video Out Enabled on Next Gen iPhones ?

Apple has advised Apple Authorized Resellers to begin placing on clearance both the Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable. PhoneNews.com has learned that Apple will be consolidating these cables, ahead of the launch of the next iPhone.

Both current cables were not well received by the public. The cables first added encryption chips, which (upon the release of iPhone OS 2.0) made it impossible to use other, cheaper AV cables with Apple’s most advanced mobile devices (iPhone and iPod touch). In addition, many were unhappy that the Apple Component AV Cable did not support composite output, forcing customers to pay over $100 for the ability to output to both HDTV and SDTV displays.

Apple will remedy this with a cable, which is known simply as the Apple AV Cable. The cable will function similar to the Xbox 360 Component AV Cable. The consolidated cable will support both component and composite output, allowing users to plug in to both HDTV and SDTV displays without the need for multiple cables.

The reason that Apple is doing this has been confirmed by PhoneNews.com. The next generation of iPhone and iPod touch will make broad and sweeping changes to HD display capacity on the devices. First, Apple will likely offer at least one version of the iPhone and one version of iPod touch with an even higher resolution screen, targeting both Microsoft’s Zune HD, as well as HTC’s Touch HD and Touch Pro2.

However, Apple is also planning across-the-board output of HD video. Apple, realizing the lukewarm success of Apple TV, plans to focus both iPhone (and eventually, iPod) as the easiest way to watch HD videos from your PC.

Currently the iPhone and iPod touch do not exceed 480i and 480p (respectively) in terms of video resolution. However, the next iPhone and iPod touch will enable full HD playback, with 720p and 1080i output modes.

Multiple options will be given to users to get HD video onto their TV, via iPhone and iPod. First, consumers will be able to store HD shows on their devices directly. However, considering the limits of flash storage, this is a time consuming process. Enter Bonjour. Apple will also provide the ability for users to plug their iPhone into their HDTV, and gateway onto a user’s Wi-Fi network, and access their entire iTunes library on their HDTV.

The end result is that a user can sit at their HDTV, using an Apple AV Dock and an Apple Remote, controlling their iPhone much as they do an Apple TV today. This ensures that a new iPhone owner will be able to purcase, for under $100, all the equipment needed to access (via the iPhone) all of their computer-stored HD content, on their HDTV.

At under $100 (less than half the cost of an Apple TV), Apple will be able to take on low-cost video device, as well as game consoles, with competitive advantage. Consumers will now have cheap HD access to their entire iTunes library, as well as portable HD playback of shows, videos, and photos on their device.

Apple has made great strides towards bridging the HD gap with content providers. The iTunes Store now accepts HD TV Shows from all major networks, as well as offering HD Movies. The latest iTunes update for Mac and PC also enables HD playback of rented movies (previously limited to Apple TV).

[via PhoneNews]