HowTo: Remove Lockscreen Date and Time on Your iPhone

The lockscreen of your device, can be a beautiful place if you use the right wallpapers. If you dont know where to get some absolutely gorgeous wallappers for your iPhone, FSMdotCOM offers 2×50 wallpapers packs here and here. But sometimes you wish to remove some elements on the lockscreen of your device so you can display as much as you can of your new wallpaper.

This can be easily done, with some easy tweaks.Please do not forget to backup every file you will modify , in order to complete this tutorial. So, get your SSH on, because we are about to begin.

HowTo: Remove The Lockscreen Time

  • SSH into System/Library/Fonts/Cache and replace LockClock with this file

HowTo: Remove The Lockscreen Date

  • SSH into /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats and add this file


  • If you live in Europe/Asia w/e the plist will have to be renamed to your area. For instance, if you live in France, you will have to rename en.plist to fr.plist.

HowTo: Remove The Lockscreen Gray Bar

By following the instructions above, you will remove only the date and time from your lockscreen, but the gray bar behind them will still be visible. But don’t worry there is a fix for that one as well :

  • in your themes uiimages insert a blank png of the same dimensions as UILCDBackground and name it the same

When you complete this 3 easy steps, all you need to do is to restart your device, and there you go.

much props to pumpa for this tutorial