60+ iPhone Apps To Satisfy Your Inner Social Networking Freak

Today, everybody in the world is connected by two words: social networking. You might be active on Twitter or Facebook, or you have a blog, or you’re depending on VoIP to run things , or maybe you are a social bookmarking sites addict , it doesent matter, you’re connected to the world by this two words: social networking. In this case, you dont even know how lucky you are , because you own a iPhone or iPod Touch. You can do everything while you are on the go, and nothing can and will keep you in one place ( i.e desk ) in order to fulfill your social networking needs. So here is a small list of 80+ apps that will give you as many options as you want so you can keep the inner social networking freak satisfied


  1. TweetStack: TweetStack is the Twitter App that everybody has been waiting for!Group your Twitter friends, search terms, and TwitPics into fully customizable “stacks”, all of which reside on the tab bar and show you the number of unread messages.TweetStack is like TweetDeck for the iPhone! (though the two are not affiliated)
  2. Twitterena: Twitterena is a gorgeous new twitter client made specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch.Version 1.1 will be available soon, and adds full GPS location functionality – more clouds, colored tweets and a lot more.Twitterena’s ease of use is evident right from the beginning, its sleek colorful design is aimed at mobile devices enabling you to tweet away quickly. many twitter apps have become cluttered – not twitterena, it maintains full functionality of your most used twitter tasks but does it in a nicer way
  3. Twittelator Pro:Twittelator Pro is the most powerful Twitter client with many more features than free Twittelator. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly. Feel the pulse of Twittersphere!
  4. LaTwit: LaTwit is a full featured client for Twitter and Laconica based ((Twit Army, Identica) social networking sites. It also supports posting using Ping.fm.LaTwit has several features that set it apart, such as ability to show all of your friends messages from multiple accounts and sites in a single consolidated view. It also has the option to show TwitPic image previews directly in the timeline, and has support for XMPP instant messages.
  5. Birdhouse: Birdhouse is a notepad for Twitter.Birdhouse won’t replace your favorite Twitter client, it’ll add to it. Continue using your favorite Twitter client for keeping up with your friends. When you think of something to write that you don’t want to post right away, Birdhouse is the perfect place to put it.
  6. Twitterville: Twitterville is a new Twitter client for the iPhone/iPod touch. Twitterville makes the most of the current theme of the Twitter home page to make you feel at home when tweeting from an iPhone on the move. Keep your location updated to your followers by using the Twitterville’s location function.
  7. Retweet: Retweet is a simple, easy-to-use Twitter tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch that displays the most popular retweets on Twitter.This is an excellent way to discover news, current events, and other things if you are following the original tweeter, or a retweeter. However, if you are not, you won’t discover this tweet as fast. You might not come across it at all!
  8. Tweetie: Tweetie is a fast, full-featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch. It offers everything you’d expect – from your timeline to trends – all with an incredibly polished user interface, fantastic performance, and unparalleled ease-of-use.
  9. Twitterrific Premium: Twitterrific’s award winning user interface is clean, concise and designed to take full advantage of your mobile device. Keeping in touch while on-the-go has never been easier. The premium version includes an extra theme and does not show advertisements.
  10. Nambu: Nambu is a full-featured Twitter, Identi.ca, Ping.fm and FriendFeed client all rolled into one. It looks good, performs well, and seamlessly integrates these services for either your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  11. Tweetsville: Send tweets and direct messages with ease. Check out the latest trends on Twitter and do powerful searches. Favorites, History, Replies… it’s all here!Tap on a tweet to reply to the user, send them a message, check out their profile. From their profile, you can also see their history, their favorites, and their friends and followers. See the number of unread direct messages in your inbox right in the tab bar.
  12. Twinkle: Discover, connect and send messages to people nearby. Upload photos and update your Twitter account. Contact old friends and make new ones, all with Twinkle, the location-aware network for iPhone and iPod touch.


  14. Facebook: Facebook for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Use your iPhone to start a conversation with Facebook Chat, check your friends’ latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go. Even more features will be updated in the weeks and months ahead.
  15. Facebook Friend Importer: Now it’s easier than ever to add friends to your phonebook. With Facebook Friend Importer, you can instantly add your Facebook friends to your phonebook, eliminating the need to manually enter each contact! Just login, touch the import button and watch as your friends are added to your phonebook. Friend Importer even allows you to specify the gender of the friends you add to your phonebook
  16. FriendSync: FriendSync allows your iPhone to display your friend’s Facebook profile pictures when they call.
  17. Visuals For Facebook Friends: Visuals allow users to sync their phone contacts with their Facebook friends’ profile pictures. Any time a Facebook friend changes his/her profile picture, Visuals can merge the new picture with your iPhone contact list. Not only does Visuals merge your Facebook friends and the contacts in your phonebook, but it also creates a visual contact list. Scroll through the images of your contacts to quickly locate a desired person
  18. 12seconds: The 12seconds iPhone application allows you to create and post fun slideshows on the go. Don’t just take a dull photo, capture the whole moment! It’s supereasy, just take 3 photos, add 12 seconds of audio, and it’s automatically shared with your friends and family. Once your slideshow is created, it goes instantly to your personal 12seconds channel online!
  19. MySpace: If you love MySpace, you are going to adore the mobile version of this app. It’s free and you can stay connected with your friends anywhere and anytime.
  20. Flickup: Flickup is an application for uploading photos to Flickr directly from iPhone using the same interfaces as the built-in camera and photo albums applications.With Flickup, you can geotag photos with one touch and set defaults for even quicker uploads. You can also send links to your images directly to Twitterrific.

  21. Instant Messaging, IRC, VoIP and Forums

  22. Yahoo Messenger: This is an amazing app, with a gorgeous UI. If you are a Y! Messenger user , you are going to love this app. Basically you have all the function of the desktop version on the go, on your iPhone/Touch .
  23. IM+: An elegant feature-rich IM client with unmatched reliability of 7 years of technology refinement and support for all major instant messaging networks:  AIM/MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpaceIM,and yes, Facebook now!
  24. IM+ for Skype: IM+ for Skype enables text chat and cost-effective calls to Skype contacts and to any phone numbers. Reliable callback technology is used for calls thus providing best phone call quality with no extra delays and latency typical for VoIP.
  25. AIM: AIM lets you stay connected with the people you care about right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. AIM is more than an instant messaging service – it’s a better way to connect. Mobile AIM lets you communicate whenever you want, wherever you are, in whatever way that suits you best. Connect with friends and family and keep track of status, location, and presence updates in real time.
  26. OneTeam: Keep the contact with your friends and coworkers anywhere you go. OneTeam is an Instant Messaging client that allow you to use your Jabber / XMPP account. There our hundreds of publicly available servers (for example gmail.com, oneteam.im or jabber.org).
  27. SipPhone: This is the new generation phone application. VOIP (SIP) technology is being used everywhere now. We already have used it on our desktop computer. Now it comes to the cell phone.Just use any voip provider, you can make sip call with this application. You can also setup the SIP server in your own organization, with this application, your iPhone is your extension.
  28. FriendCaller VoIP: FriendCaller VoIP is the first iPhone and iPod touch VoIP app that turns your iPhone and iPhone touch into a full featured VoIP WiFi phone and seamlessly connects with any PC’s web browser.It provides the easiest way calling all your friends from your iPhone or iPod touch for free. It does not matter what VoIP service or Social Networking site your friends are using!
  29. WalkieTalkie VOIP: WalkieTalkie provides real-time, easy-to-use, low-latency, high-quality Voice-over-IP. It can be used to communicate between PCs, Macs, and iPhones/iPod touch(2g, with mic/headphone combo). Pick a username, and start calling. By using a ‘locator’ server, connections behind most routers can be easily brokered without opening ports. Conference calling between 3 or more parties is possible (with the desktop client hosting) as well.
  30. PushToTalk: Connect with your friends and family any time, anywhere with the convenience of Push To Talk style communication.Simply choose a group name and password and share it with your friends. Choose your nickname and personal icon and, press and hold the talk button, just like a walkie-talkie. When the red light on the button lights, start talking.
  31. Fring: Fring’s mobile internet service & community allows you to talk, chat & interact with other fringsters & all of your online buddies (fring, Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ)  using your iPhone’s internet capability.  Enjoy voice calls (VoIP) over WiFi and stay connected with your online world with instant messaging from anywhere using fring’s multiple connections (3G, WiFi, GPRS, Edge)
  32. Skype: I believe this app needs no introduction. Skype gives you free calls and instant messages to anyone else on Skype. You can also call landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world at great rates. Skype is free to download and easy to use.
  33. LimeChat: LimeChat for iPhone and iPod Touch is a full featured IRC client. It allows you to chat on the go in the same way as you do on desktop.
  34. Colloquy: Colloquy for iPhone and iPod touch puts the power of the most popular IRC client for the Mac in the palm of your hand. Built atop the Chat Core framework, Colloquy Mobile is a full featured client optimized for the on-the-go experience.
  35. EbIRC: EbIRC, the most famous IRC client in Japan, is now available on iPhone!It uses the iPhone’s performance effectively, so you can use it simply and quickly.The EbIRC fully tuned for mobile will change your chat-life!
  36. ChatCo: Using this IRC client on your device, you will find that you are limited in many ways: It is not possible to participate in two or more rooms, the command cannot be transmitted and the connection cannot be changed while executing it.
  37. Rooms: Based on the framework called Chat Core* (part of the Colloquy project) Rooms provides you easy access to every IRC** network all over the world. It has all needed functionality for basic chatting, but more and more features are planned to be added soon. Just take a look at current feature list or the video/screenshots and you’ll notice that “basic” may be the wrong word…
  38. Forums: Browse your favorite forums in the palm of your hand. Forums brings the ultimate forum browsing experience to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Support for more forums coming soon.


  40. Tasty: With Tasty you will be able to access, manage and edit delicious.com bookmarks right from your iPhone. It is the only application which provides you access to all of the social features of delicious.
  41. MyDelicious: MyDelicious offers the best Delicious experience on your iPhone and iPod Touch – access your tagged bookmarks on-the-go!
  42. Red Delicious: Red Delicious provides the ultimate Delicious experience for the iPhone and iPod Touch with a snappy user interface, easy navigation, and optimized bookmark fetching from Delicious.com.
  43. iReddit: The official Reddit iPhone app. Never be bored again. With this app, you’ll always be only a tap (or shake) away from the most interesting stuff on the web.All of your favorite reddit functionality is here: view the hottest, newest, top, and most controversial stories of the moment, explore individual subreddits, vote, comment, share, and save links for later. The entire commenting system has been optimized for the iPhone app so you won’t have any trouble contributing to an epic pun thread.
  44. iStumble: This app combines the power of StumbleUpon, Digg.com, Reddit and Del.icio.us in one single application.
  45. Diggit: This is a native Digg.com application which will bring you all the power of Digg.com right in the palm of your hand

  46. RSS and BLOGGING

  47. WOW NEWS: This iPhone/iPod Touch app covers everything for the game of World of Warcraft. Now you can enjoy all the latest information anywhere right on your iphone. With the release of WotLK this will be a very valuable tool to learn all the new content as fast as possible.
  48. Pro RSS Reader: This is the reader you need if you want a offline news reader that is not tied to your Google Reader account : with the OPML import feature, you can import into Pro RSS Reader lists exported from any application that support OPML (Google Reader, Yahoo Reader, Safari, Thunderbird, Firefox …).
  49. Trackr: Adding new feeds can be done by entering the RSS URL, or by entering the URL to an OPML file, such as one created by www.opmlmanager.com.Feed headlines can be read in portrait, or easy-to-read landscape mode.Headlines are saved for offline viewing, including keeping track of what items have not been read.
  50. azRSS NewsReader: azRSS NewsReader is a RSS feed reader for your iPhone/iPod Touch. It has a classic user interface and very easy to hand on. Subscribing your favorite feeds and downloading them to your phone, everything you need from a standard RSS reader.
  51. BoltReader: BoltReader is a powerful RSS reader for iPhone and iPod touch. Read the latest news from your Google Reader account, even when you are offline.
  52. RSS Player: This is a really great app with high standard.It allows you to: stream audio to device, download audio and listen when offline, remembers play position after interruption like a phone call or alarm, pause/restart controls, check for new feed items on demand, automatic downloading of feed attachments, supports password-protected feeds.
  53. Newsstand: Newsstand is a full-featured RSS reader for your iPhone with a unique interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful shelf of newspapers and magazines in landscape orientation or use the powerful Mail-like view in portrait mode to read and organize feeds.
  54. Reader – ATOM/RSS Feed Reader: Reader is a news feed reader for the iPod/iPhone Touch that supports many of the popular feed types including ATOM and RSS. Reader is designed for people who love their news feeds and have a ton of content to browse through. Categorization and quick sorting features allow you to fly through your feeds much faster than ever before.
  55. FeedReader: FeedReader has a unique search feature where you can type in any search for an RSS feed and FeedReader will go out and grab the RSS feed from a top search engine in a matter of seconds. This will save you a lot of time from manually having to entering feed URLs. If you have a blog that outputs RSS, it is likely FeedReader will find it in the search.
  56. smartRSS 2: The most advanced RSS reader for the iPhone. More than 16 integrated features. Click on the name to check out the list on the iTunes Store.
  57. Byline: Read the latest news from your favorite sites and blogs, even when you’re offline. Simply use your free Google Reader account to subscribe to websites you’d like to keep track of. Byline will automatically stay in sync and bring you new content, putting thousands of RSS and Atom feeds at your fingertips.
  58. Gamer News: This app is your one stop source for all the GAME NEWS for the following Platforms. Find out all the New Hot Games released
  59. Web Feeds: Simply enter the web address of the feed you wish to subscribe to or enter any web page address and Web Feeds will look through the page and automatically discover any feeds attached to it. You can also import feeds straight from your Google Reader account.Feed items are displayed in beautiful HTML and you can even access the original page of the item from within Web Feeds without jumping over to Safari. Rotation-support enhances your reading pleasure.
  60. Gazette: Gazette is a powerful RSS reader for iPhone that syncs seamless with your Google Reader account.
  61. Feeds: Feeds is the premiere RSS reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Feeds is fully integrated with Google Reader! For those of you who choose not to use Google Reader, Feeds works as a standalone RSS reader as well.
  62. BlogPress: BlogPress is the missing blogging App for iPhone. It is designed with rich features and easy to use. Write your blog or travel log on the road, share news and photos with your friends in real time!!
  63. iBlogger: iBlogger brings real mobile blogging to the iPhone for the first time. Compatible with nearly any blog (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, TypePad, and many more), you can blog with Pictures, Tags, Categories, Links, and Location at the touch of a finger. All this in an easy to use, robust application which has the quality and polish you expect on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  64. BlogWriter: Read what you like and blog what you think. Blog writer and RSS reader all in one app on your iPhone/iPod touch. VirtueSoft BlogWriter is a standard blog writer working the same way as desktop blog writers. It’s intuitive user interface make it very easy to setup and hand-on.
  65. WordPress: The name says it all. This is the official app , released by the popular blogging platform.
  66. Analytics: Analytics App is the premier app for Google Analytics you’ve been waiting for. Analytics App gives you anytime access to your Google Analytics data, so whether you have a spare minute at the park, or need to share some data during a meeting, this Analytics app puts your Google Analytics at your fingertips.
  67. Ego: Ego gives you one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics that matter to you. With support for Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, and Twitter, you can quickly view the number of visits to your website (including daily, hourly and monthly numbers), feed subscription totals and changes, and how many people are following you on Twitter.

Im sure, theres a lot of apps that i didnt mention in the list above. I would love to hear about them. So if you have a favorite app that i didnt mention in any of this categories , dont be shy and share it with us.