The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week- Day 7

The last day. Glad to have it behind me.

One long week. Well I didn’t quite make the full week, I was a few hours shy. But, how many others can say they went a whole 7 days with no jailbreak? When they have a jailbreakable device, but are just proving a point and doing an experiment? Let me tell you, it was a long and boring week with my phone, thats for sure. Knowing that all I had to do was run a quick little app, and I would be back to tweaking my device, how I want it….tough.

Over all, it wasn’t a bad week. Got to see first hand the effects of jailbreaking on battery and memory usage. For the 3G[S], on 3.1.2, its negligible. As long as your using well made, and thought out apps, you’re pretty much good to go.

I re-jailbroke using the latest Redsn0w release, mainly because I didn’t want to do a full restore, and was staying on 3.1.2. But I have had luck in the past with both Pwnage Tool and Sn0wbreeze. Luckily for me I have all of my hash files saved and backed up.

Nothing new and exciting, just a quick jailbreak, and start figuring out my new set up. First thing I installed was iRealSMS, i like the MMS from QuickReply, but I switch back and forth between it and BiteSMS sometimes. Installed my 6.0 carrier file, that I got way back when, and my native tethering is back up and working.

My main search now, is which lockscreen info app I am going to use. I was going to use LockInfo, but wanted a little more flair. And Quick Widgets from the iSoftRu team was my first choice, but their beta repp is down. I have a full license for SmartScreen, but Its just a little clunky looking, but it is what I’m using for now. I wonder how the new intelliscreen is working?

Going to take my time redoing all of my apps, as I want to really figure out what I need, and not just go the shotgun approach, and fling a bunch of stuff at my phone, since its only a week into a full restore.

The best lesson to be learned from this week long experiment is that if you like your iPhone jailbroke, be very careful anytime you open iTunes, don’t update your device just all willy nilly, and then whine about it. Think before you click, as you might not be so lucky the next time Apple throws you a curveball. And all of you Unlockers (people on other networks) read this twice…you may not get another chance at unlocking your device…ever.

Apple is progressively getting better at closing holes, so keep that in mind when ever new software comes out. If Apple wants to slow down the jailbreak, they need to implement a few of the most popular ideas from Cydia and the jailbreak app Devs into the stock firmware. Are ya listening Apple? Quick Reply and some sort of last app memory to switch back and forth between a couple of apps, not full blown backgounding,and muti-tasking, but something.We know you can do it. Its already been done.