iPhone 3Gs: Most Adventurous Cell Phone Yet. Dude Tapes iPhone 3Gs To R/C Plane

Here, we have a saying that goes something like this: ” God’s garden is huge, but many of us jump the fence” … i dont know if this makes any sense, or you find the humor, when it’s translated into english, but you will soon see why i chose it for the beginning of this post.

So, a couple of weeks ago, there was a pretty controversial iPhone 3Gs experience on the www where the devices decided to take a dive into the pool, and guess what, it survived. Well , not really because the video was a fake, and you can see why here.

It seems that the iPhone 3Gs is the most adventurous cell phone yet ( Apple, here’s a tagline 😉 ) because this time the phone decided to fly like a bird in the sky.

This dude, literally taped his iPhone to his R/C plane and flew it around. How about a birds eye view on this beautiful planet we all live on?

NOTE: the video is kinda loud so feel free to either mute or turn down the audio