Economist Magazine Blessing Steve Jobs With A Cover

Images and sketches illustrating Steve Jobs as a saint, Jesus or any other biblical character are not new. But not everyday you see a prestigious magazine such as the Economist, blessing the himself with such a cover.

Steve is the man, the myth, the legend just like many biblical characters. So maybe he deserves a cover like this, while many will consider it a blasphemy. We will definitely not discuss such a hot topic as religion in this post, because we all have our point but i am really curious what impact this cover is going to have.

Jobs’s record suggests that when he blesses a market, it takes off. And tablet computing promises to transform not just one industry, but three—computing, telecoms and media.

Companies in the first two businesses view the iPad’s arrival with trepidation, for Apple’s history makes it a fearsome competitor. The media industry, by contrast, welcomes it wholeheartedly. Piracy, free content and the dispersal of advertising around the web have made the internet a difficult environment for media companies. They are not much keener on the Kindle, an e-reader made by Amazon, which has driven down book prices and cannot carry advertising. They hope this new device will give them a new lease of life, by encouraging people to read digital versions of books, newspapers and magazines while on the move. True, there are worries that Apple could end up wielding a lot of power in these new markets, as it already does in digital music. But a new market opened up and dominated by Apple is better than a shrinking market, or no market at all.

[via CoM]