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Hidden Features Of iPhone Firmware 3.1.3

As you already know Apple release iPhone firmware 3.1.3 today, but the changelog they offer is not satisfying or worthwhile at all. Pretty much they didn’t make you update in the first place. Anyway, we still managed to jailbreak it, and above all that it seems that there are some hidden features that Apple didn’t advertise.

The update also reportedly resolves an issue where third-party applications would not launch in some instances. It also addresses a bug that could cause applications to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard.

iPhone OS 3.1.3 also includes a number of security updates related to CoreAudio, ImageIO, Recovery Mode and WebKit. Full details are available in the support document on Apple’s Web site.

[via AppleInsider]

Later edit:

Since we realized that most people need pretty pictures, and everything to be explained to them and redundant in order to get around and find the info they need, this are the hidden features of FW 3.1.3 :

  • CoreAudio – previously you could play malicious mp4 files, causing the crash or the execution of iPod third-party code.
  • ImageIO – previously you could view maliciously crafted TIFF image may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution
  • Recovery Mode – Before putting the phone in the recovery mode, a hacker was able to obtain data and personal information of a user, but now the access will be denied. Probably this will affect jailbroken devices that need to be put into recovery mode and not into DFU mode.
  • WebKitpreviously you could access a maliciously crafted FTP server could result in an unexpected application termination, information disclosure, or arbitrary code execution

No offense to anybody but all you had to do is click on “support document” and wooop there you go. If you just read the title and just scan the text, and you see no bullet-points ( which could mean that’s the list of hidden features ) don’t blame it on me or the title.

I am trying to offer as much info as possible in as few paragraphs as possible. If you can’t take 2 minutes of your time to read 3 paragraphs , really…. not my fault.  Now hit me with your best hate comments and e-mails.