dunhill Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet

Remember the iWallet we showcased back in December? Here’s the exact same one ( but it costs more – probably higher quality too ), made by dunhill. Although the brand has been mostly highlighted for its menswear, dunhill presents one of the more interesting gadgets of the year as it adds a Carbon Fiber Biometric wallet to its range of luxury goods. Aside from the look, the wallet’s most interesting feature is that it can only be opened via a fingerprint sensor which registers up to 10 different fingerprints with attached software.

Even more noteworthy is its Bluetooth connectivity via a smart phone, allowing you to trigger an alarm within a certain distance if god forbid you lose your $1,400 wallet. Battery life on the piece is 1-3 weeks so charging is essential. Available now through dunhill stores in Japan ( or the dunhill online store where you can buy it for $825 ).

[via HB]