Turn Your iPhone Into A Star Trek Communicator [video]

CBS has just posted a new app to the Apple App Store that turns your iPhone into a Star Trek communicator. You can flip the communicator open by flipping the phone and it includes all sorts of Original Series sound effects. Even cooler there is a phone app included, which can access your contacts, so you can make calls right from the communicator.


  • Official sound and voice effects from Star Trek the Original Series
  • A paging function that allows for interactive role playing
  • A full dialer page that allows access to your personal contacts – and you can communicate with your friends through your Star Trek Communicator
  • Animated antenna grid that flips up with the flick of your wrist or swipe of your finger
  • Authentic visual features and textures of the actual Starfleet communicator

The Star Trek Original Series Communicator is available for $1.99 in the app store…

[via furiousfanboys]