DROID X vs. iPhone 4: 720p HD Videos Comparison

We showed you a HTC Evo vs. iPhone 4 720p HD videos comparison here, and now it’s time to see a battle between the DROID X and the iPhone 4. Note that the iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera while the DROID X has a 8MP camera.

The DROID X records 720p video at 24 fps, while the iPhone 4 records at 30 fps. While 6 fps seems negligible you can really tell the difference in both the indoor and outdoor tests we did. Another thing we noticed is file size. The DROID X records in the 3GP MPEG-4 format, and our 36 second clip was 102.4 MB.

The iPhone 4 records in the MOV H.264 format and our 35 second video came in at 47.2 MB. The DROID X records with twice the bit-rate of the iPhone 4 which accounts for some of the difference in file sizes. The DROID X did beat out the iPhone 4 in color accuracy and audio recording quality.

Here is a screen shot of what both files look like on our file system

[via BGR]