Download Installer 4 and Install It on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

A couple of days ago, Billy sent me an email :

basicaly i unccheked installer a looong tym ago wen i jailbroke it…coz it was pretty shite bak then…but now i want it..since i only have cydia…any ideas?
much appreciated !

I didnt have time to reply right away, but i sent him a mail a day later telling him how to get Installer on his iPhone. Anyway, this is not that complicated so let’s begin

  • Download Installer from rapidshare or megaupload
  • Extract the .zip file and than you need to upload to /Applications/’ folder via SSH
  • After you uploaded the , hit Ctrl+T while in WinSCP and execute the following :

chmod -R 777 “/Applications/”

chmod a+srx “/Applications/”

  • Restart device and voila