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Crack SwirlyMMS 1.2.15 [ Full license ]

A couple of days ago i presented you a SwirlyMMS crack which wasn’t really a crack. It was more of a mod that would let you use the app pass the trial period. Well now there is a real crack , and it will give you a full license for SwirlyMMS. That doesn’t mean that if you like the app and you find that it suits you needs, you dont have to buy it. ( this is my moral duty, if you buy it or not…  )


  • Remove the previous SwirlyMMS from Cydia
  • Remove SwirlyMMS license file from /var/root/Library/MMSApp/activation.lic
  • Download .deb file from rapidshare or megaupload
  • SSH into iPhone, copy the .deb file to var/root/mobile
  • Run it : dpkg -i Swirly.deb ( hit Ctrl+T in WinSCP )
  • Restart iPhone

There is a possibility that the SwirlyMMS icon wont appear on the SpringBoard. Don’t worry! All you need to do is to rebuild cache. For that use gUICache found in Cydia.



Q : How do I run the .deb file?

A :

  • Open Terminal , type in su and press Enter.
  • Type the password alpine ,press Enter.
  • Type dpkg -i /var/root/Swirly.deb and press enter


  • Add source in cydia
  • Search for SwirlyMMS ( make sure you find it from the xsellize source )
  • Install