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Debian Updater: SBSettings Toggle Allows You To Update Cydia’s Package Cache In The Background

New day, new SBSettings Toggle in Cydia: Debian Updater. Debian Updater is a toggle for SBSettings to update in background the package database reflecting your newest sources.list file. In other words, you can refresh your Cydia source list everywhere (on SpringBoard or lockscreen, or whithin any app), without launching Cydia app.

Features of Debian Updater toggle:

  • Toggle ON = you can refresh the list of your pkg sources.
  • Toggle OFF = pkg source list is updating, but you can cancel it.
  • An icon appears on the statusbar when a source list update is in progress.
  • Notification badge for new packages to upgrade.
  • Launching Cydia app is locked when updating your sources, to avoid conflicts.
  • Options can be set in Settings panel.

Debian Updater is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo…