Cydia Now Available On The Web just made my dream come true. This statement is true or false? Well let’s see : not true, but not false. Why so confused? 🙂 Well they lunched something i wanted for a long time , which means that the statement its not false. But they didnt make my dream come true, because well… i dont have such low ambitions.

Anyway, they recently ( i believe ) released a web version of Cydia where you can search all the repos for apps. Cydia apps listings show basic information about each application as well as a screenshot. You can check webCydia ( thats how i call it ) here

Cydia™ is Debian APT on the iPhone. Think AppStore, but with packages you could never get direct through Apple. Created by Jay Freeman (saurik), Cydia™ is a feature-rich AppStore competitor. Full themes to completely make over your iPhone’s look are available through WinterBoard. Video recording is possible using Cycorder or Video Recorder for 3G. You can share your iPhone’s 3G connection with your laptop using PdaNet, or get free music, videos, and torrents using dTunes. Take complete control of your iPhone with SBSettings.

You’ll find Cydia™ right there on your iPhone after you jailbreak your iPhone. Using it is easy – browse the categories, check what’s new, or peruse the featured section to see the current popular apps. There’s hundreds (getting into the thousands) of themes to choose from. Cydia™ is easily searchable via the iPhone – but if you’re wanting to browse what’s available from your browser, that’s what this section of is for.