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Cydia Store: iPhone Gold Mine

Ok, this can be an answer for all the devs that were kind enough to insult me from the beginning of FSMdotCOM. I guess, all the tips i gave you were not enough for you, and you still think i was full of shit. Well, i keep on telling you and i cant stress this enough:

  • stop creating, bull shit apps. Just cause u learned some code and your a BS “iFart” copy-cat doesent mean shit. Create something useful that adds value to the phone and users really want it
  • there is NO get rich over night plays
  • just because you made it in the AppStore , doesent mean you made it
  • are you familiar with the term : market research? do you know its value? NO?!?! Email me, im consulting for a couple of companies right now, maybe we can work something out.
  • there is a lot more work and nuff sweat before you actually start to code. Coding is the easiest part of this play

Anyway, i dont want to go on and on about this, because i did this over and over again in the past posts when i was actually trying to help you for free , while you were insulting me , but here is a sweet little story for all of you:

Cydia Store, the reality of Saurik which presents itself as an alternative to Apple all’AppStore in less than 5 months he has sold 53,000 packages, generating earnings amounted to $ 210,000

The developers are very good and probably will become the Store alternative for all applications will be rejected by Apple. Some interesting figures concerning the sales of YourTube that in just 3 days has obtained $ 3600.