WiSDK: Confirmation That The Windows iPhone SDK Is FAKE

A couple of days ago , you could read this article WiSDK: iPhone SDK for Windows? Nope, Just Another Fake… . Now pay attention, that i told you at the time, that this was a fake.

Some FSMdotCOM readers or people that was just passing through felt the need to tell me it’s not a fake. Now, i can always be wrong about something, but when you tell me stuff, you better back it up, and i admit that i was wrong on the spot.

That was not the case here, because i reply’d to that certain user and told her to email me and send me some proof or maybe even the (rough version ) of the SDK. As you can imagine, i got no email.

Now the dude that made all that buzz posted on their page that this is a FAKE. Dudes got 381,511 emails in 5 days (52 emails / minute). The purpose for this “project” was far from fooling peopple tho.  Their goal was to show  Apple how many people would be interesting in one of these official development tools. Nevertheless, it remains unlikely that Apple decides to make the porting of its SDK for the Windows environment, so we can definitively say that neither WiSDK or any other software development kit can be used in a Windows environment, for the delivery of applications AppStore.

Get this: …ythe site is currently for sale, and came to an estimated value of $ 32,000 o_0 , statement which raise to question and a problem in my mind:

  1. who the hell made that estimation? Flipping a site for that many dolla dolla bills take a hell much more than just 381, 511. I would really love is somebody will enlighten me on this matter
  2. I really really really doubt that someone will buy it

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