Here It Is: iPhone 3Gi , The Most Powerful iPhone Yet…

Yes i got your attention! I was keep telling you guys that im holding on buying myself a 3Gs, because i really really doubt that this is the major update from the 3G. You probably want a proof, right from the start and i cant blame you. Before we go on with this article, i will offer you a picture of the new iPhone 3Gi, the most powerful iPhone yet

There is only one catch to this. Do not worry if you spent all of your money on the iPhone 3Gs, really do not worry at all. The “new” model of iPhone, is visible only to loyal Apple customers! You know those weird Apple fanboys. So maybe you love Apple products like i do, but you are not that weird to take everything about Apple personally. So the phone is not for you:

Dudes, really stop tripping. This is a “news” brought to you by the phenomenal dudes at The Onion. If you don’t know what Onion is, you should definitely check it out. Its a site where, where you can find articles and video footage of “fake news” , but they make it sooooooo real that you dont really know what to think. Not to mention that some of the content is funny as hell…

They also created that video of the new MacBook with the wheel instead of a keyboard, you remember that video? The same thing with this “news” .

The new 3GI is as light as air,” said Apple senior vice president Philip Schiller, reaching inside an empty display case, apparently to remove the mobile device. “See how thin that is? It’s like it’s not even there.”

“Those who really understand what we do here at Apple are going to love this new product,” Schiller continued. “Unless, you know, they happen to be totally lame.”