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Apple Is Getting Ready For WWDC 09

If you live under a rock, or you didnt visit FSMdotCOM by know , than you know that in 5 days , Apple will have the annual World Wide Developers Conference.The WWDC 2009 will start on June 8th and it will end on June 12th , and it will be held at Moscone West, San Francisco.As usual, there will be sessions for iPhone and Mac. Sessions for Snow Leopard will also be included. This might help the developer’s get some apps out earlier when the new OSX launches.

Adam Jackson has posted the first photos (flickr) from WWDC 2009. Apple has started putting up banners 6 days prior to the event. The theme of this year’s WWDC appears centered around the App Store. The main banner in Moscone West reads:One year later. Light-years ahead.
The phrase refers to the iTunes App Store that was launched (less than) one year ago, but has seen major success with over 1 billion apps downloaded in the first nine months. The iPhone will clearly take center stage at WWDC with discussion about the upcoming 3.0 Firmware release as well as possibility that Apple will announce a new iPhone.