Crack iTypeFastR for iPhone and iPod Touch

Yesterday FSMdotCOM presented iTypeFastR which is an optimized qwerty keyboard layout for you to type faster on your iPhone or iPod Touch.It is not a free app, but it will give you 20 days free , so you can try it. If you think 20 days is not enough, here is a crack for you. But remember, if you like the keyboard, you should buy it.

  • Download .deb file here
  • Place itype.deb on your phone in /private/var/mobile if ur using terminal or /private/var/root if your using putty/winscp
  • In terminal/putty type dpkg -i itype.deb
  • After that is done you should see words saying that it is unpacking itype.deb and such
  • When it is all done reboot your phone and enjoy, if you don’t like it you can uninstall it through cydia

NOTE: use this at your own risk, and also might want to set the pkg permissions to 777