CRACK iRealSMS 2.0.6

METHOD 1 tested by Funky Space Monkey dot COM readers and it’s working

Download this

HOW TO APPLY CRACK? ( explanation by kmichalec )

  • I originally had the Xsellize cracked version 2.0 installed.
  • When I decided I was going to try this, first thing I did, was uninstall that xsellize one.
  • Then, I went and installed the standard, legit version through Cydia.
  • But, again, the key is, once it’s done installing, and sitting at the RESTART SPRINGBOARD prompt, DO NOT RESTART IT YET!!
  • Then, you WinSCP into the phone.
  • Make sure you have the cracked file uncompressed somewhere on your PC.
  • Using WinSCP, copy over the files in the folders in the Applications and Library folders to the same folders on the iPhone. If you do this correctly, it will say that they already exist, and do you want to overwrite them. Say YES ALL.
  • Next, open up the .SH file, so that it opens in a notepad type viewer in WinSCP.
  • I only highlighted each chmod line, as the others just seem to be a copy from your PC to your iPhone, and you already copied the files manually in step 7. Highlight the first CHMOD line, and copy it.
  • Switch back to the right hand window in WinSCP (the iPhone side), and right click on any folder, select Custom Commands and then Execute.
  • Once you have the execute box up, paste in the line you copied from step 9 and hit run.
  • Repeat for second CHMOD line in the .SH file.
  • Once you have run both, you should be done. Now you can hit RESTART SPRINGBOARD on your phone, and it should be working.

Hope this helps. This is exactly how I did it, and I have a full working copy. In fact, even if you installed the version and accidentally hit RESTART SPRINGBOARD before you do the copy and CHMOD, you should be ok. I accidentally did that too. I just completely uninstalled the app through Cydia, and then WinSCP’ed into the phone, and manually deleted any leftover iREalSMS folder still left after the deinstall. Once that was done, I just reinstalled the app through Cydia again, but this time, stopped before RESTART SPRINGBOARD. Then, just follow the directions above.


  • Install 2.0.6 from cydia ( latest ) .
  • Download this and this ( alt. link )
  • SSH every file to the corresponding directory.
  • SET 4755 permissions to iRealSMS_ ( /Applications/iRealSMS ).
  • SET 0755 to iRealSMS.dylib.  ( /Library/MobileSubstrate/dynamiclibraries ).

Thanks to Amit Unnadkat ( )

METHOD 3 tested by yours truly  and it’s working ( quick reply too )

  • add xsellize source in cydia ( if you didnt already do that ).
  • install iRealSMS 2.0.6 from xsellize.
  • click purchase and then activate untill it asks you for a key code
  • enter key : 6D88Op5Wxup ( please note that there are no 0 (zero) in this key and that it is case-sensitive ; meaning that you need to type the code exactly as you see it there ).
  • once it says that the key is valid and your activated, reboot iphone and voila.

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