Control uTorrent From Your iPhone

Everybody knows that Apple banned the BitTorrent software for the iPhone because… well it’s Apple, and they are drunk with power: the power to censor.But, what would you say if i tell you that, you can controll basic functions of uTorrent directly from your device? Functions like: see the status of active torrents, pause/resume a torrent or add a new torrent by entering a url to torrent (or mininova id). That would be sweet huh?

First you will need to install the uTorrent WebUI.You can download it from here.The rar file contains a new µTorrent beta, a readme file, and a zip which contains the html, css, and js files. The uTorrent 1.8 betas should work just fine with this version of the WebUI.

A good start might be to read through the readme file to help you set things up. If you have any questions you can join our official irc channel or make a post here in the WebUI forum.For more info about the WebUI , you can check out this page.

Now download this zip, extract it, inside there is a folder called ‘iphone’ take that folder and place it inside the that you installed in at ‘%AppData%\uTorrent’ on your PC. Don’t extract the WebUI zip just add the iPhone folder to it.

Next on your iphone go to the url of your uTorrent webui adding /iphone/i.html (ie, enter your username / password you should now see all your torrents.

If you got any problems with the WebUI you can also check out this page.