Burglar King Promo Codes Giveaway and Win an iPod Touch

Tapinoma released a new game for the iPhone and iTouch called Burglar King. You know that i got you covered , and i got 5 codes to give you guys for this game.

Question is simple : name 2 other apps from Tapinoma. First 5 correct comments will win a promo code. NOTE: 1 winner per household, meaning that if u are 2 or more people using the same computer and comment, i will only give a code to the first comment from that IP.NOTE2: make sure you enter your correct email address when you comment.

Now you’re probably wondering whats with the iTouch? Well  within the next 10 days, you’ll need to play Burglar King Episode 1, and the best score will win an iTouch from Tapinoma. Episode 2 will be next on the list, and will bring you another iTouch.

In order to win this iTouch, you can choose to register your own score from whitin the game. They will collect all the results through their datacenter, all they need is your  email address and your name/nickname.