Concept: Real-Time Augmented Reality On iPhone

Lately we get a lot of augmented reality apps for the iPhone. Most of them are related to social networking and some of them with subways and toilets. Deny it all you want, but we all have needs. They are all great, we absolutely love augmented reality although what we got on the iPhone is not true augmented reality. Check our previous post , where you can see concepts of true AR.

Well today we present you another concept of AR on the iPhone, which won’t tell you where the nearest toilette is, but it will tell you if players are in offside position. Did i just lost you? Well , this is a football ( soccer ) related AR concept and it will let us see, in real time, if players are in an offside position or not. Now when referees are accused of poor judgement , we can have a solid proof. The only thing is that , although this is a nice concept, i doubt it will materialize because last time i checked, you couldn’t use the iPhone camera on the dark. You really expect to see the players from the middle of the arena?!