Choice: Software Which Allows iTunes To Interact With A Variety of Non-Apple MP3 Players and Devices

Oh this will hit, and will hit hard. On October 6th DoubleTwist , a Norwegian company, will bring us Choice. Now this story has two parts to it: interesting one, and a even more interesting one.Choice is basically a software which will allow iTunes to interact with a variety of non-Apple mp3 players and devices. Among supported devices you will find Android phones, Windows mobile phones, PSP, digital photo cameras and more.

I dont know about you, but i think that this is revolutionary and will start something nasty between Apple and DoubleTwist. What even more interesting is that they did a parody of the famous 1984 Superbowl Apple Commercial , inspired from George Orwell’s-1984 ( great book, you should read it, dont watch the movie. movie sucks ).

This time, the bigbrother character looks like Steve Jobs and the “zombie nation” is wearing the iconic white iPod earbuds pretty much implying that Apple and/or Steve Jobs is pretty much everything that once opposed. I said it before, Apple was laughing at the status-quo, not they are the status-quo. Seems that Steve Jobs, forgot that he used to be a revolutionary hippie with a dream to change the world – the ” crazy ones ” that they talked about in a “Think Different” commercial. ( also watch ” Pirates of Silicon Valley ” – amazing movie about the beginning of Apple and Microsoft )

I dont know if Apple filed any lawsuit against against DoubleTwist, but if they didnt they probably will. Because parody or not, Apple pretty much got a patent for those iconic earbuds, till the end people might think its Apple, and Apple just love to sue everybody. Bottom line is that if you use copyright material in marketing, you cant cover it up by saying “hey , was just a parody, cmon lighten up, this is funny”. But than again, that entire scene was George Orwell’s idea and its a vicious circle…

Personally i love what DoubleTwist did, hope that it will open some eyes at Apple ,Jobs will remember that that lady with the hammer is open source, and they remember what they used to stand for….