Sn0wBreeze: Porting PwnageTool To Windows

Yesterday, i decided to jump on UStream and do a quick live session. That quick live session turned into a couple of ours live session. We had iH8Sn0w in chat as well that told us about his new project called Sn0wBreeze.

picture credits: paradiseblistered

Dude is a little too secretive, and we can understand that, but for the moment all we can tell you is that he is trying to port Pwnagetool on windows. Meaning that you can also create a custom firmware for 3.1 also from windows. Sn0wBreeze wont have any support for iPhone 3Gs, but it will support the iTouch 2G. ETA for Sn0wbreeze is October 12

LATER EDIT: just talked with iH8Sn0w and he told us that the 3Gs is supported for 3.0 pwned devices

Meanwhile, if you cant wait for Sn0wBreeze, you can download you custom firmwares here: