CES 2010: AR.Drone – Augmented Reality iPhone Video Game That Makes You Say OMFG!

In the past couple of days we’ve talked a bit about CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) which is the biggest electronics show in America and it will take place in Las Vegas later this week. Before the show is open its door to everybody, and the stories will invade us, lets take a look at a few products you will find at CES this year. CES10 Episode 7: AR.Drone -Augmented Reality iPhone Video Game That Makes You Say OMFG!.

The AR.Drone is a project that belongs to the French company Parrot, and takes augmented reality to the next level thanks to a four-bladed mini-helicopter of sorts, which is controlled via an iPhone/iPod Touch app (i.e. tilt the phone and the drone will tilt). The drone also comes equipped with two cameras that stream video wirelessly to your mobile device of choice. The app then maps a video game over the actual surroundings being filmed by the drone.

So for instance, when you look at the screen, you’ll not only see your living room, but virtual enemies as well that will react and maneuver according to the placement of the real world elements being filmed by the drone’s cameras.

So far just three games have been devised for the drones, but Parrot said they will allow any developer to work on games.The gadget will go on sale this summer and is expected to cost less than £320 ( around $510 ). Learn more here…

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