CES 2010: AirStash – Expanding Your iPhone’s Storage Wirelessly

Yesterday we talked about the L5 Remote that will be present at CES 2010 and starting february you will be able to use your iPhone as an universal remote. We also told you that we expect lots of goodies to come our way from CES and AirStash is one of them. Today you can have 32 gigs of storage in an iPhone or iTouch ( and the 64 gigs is coming ) but what happens to those users that are stuck with a 8 gigs iDevice? Well, sure… upgrade. But there is a cheaper way: AirStash.

AirStash looks like an oversized thumb drive, with a USB plug on one end and an SD slot on the other. Charge it up, dump some content on that memory card, throw it in your pocket and, according to the manufacturer, you’ll be able to connect to it wirelessly from your handset — and your friends too, if you like. There are some obvious security concerns here but right now we’re going to completely ignore those because of the potential for greatness here, which we hope to see in the flesh in the next few days.

[via Engadget]