CES 2010: Shooting CES Using An iPhone And Owle Bube

In the past couple of days we’ve talked a bit about CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) which is the biggest electronics show in America and it will take place in Las Vegas later this week. Before the show is open its door to everybody, and the stories will invade us, lets take a look at a few products you will find at CES this year. CES10 Episode 5: a cameraman for WBBM-TV in Chicago shooting CES with an iPhone. ( Talking about embracing the cultural shifts )

Ed Curran is a cameraman for WBBM-TV in Chicago, and he’s shooting CES using an iPhone.

Curran has outfitted his iPhone with an Owle bube, a fancy iPhone holder designed to enhance video shooting with Apple’s cell phone. Standing for “Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement,” the Owle helps Curran hold his iPhone steady for shooting video. The Owle also features a wide-angle lens on front and several equipment mounts on top and bottom.

The Owle’s built-in lens vastly improves the iPhone’s lens, Curran said, while the mounts allow him to attach several pieces of professional equipment, including a LED video light and a wireless microphone.

“I would not hesitate to put this stuff on the TV,” he said about the video he’s obtained at the show.

“I’ve been at the show for years and years with $90,000 video cameras,” he said. “This allows me to shoot with a cell phone.”

Curran will be posting his CES videos on his Tech Blog starting on Wednesday.

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