BigBoss Is Getting Ready for iPhone OS 3.0

BigBoss announced that he was working hard testing all the apps and make sure they are ready for iPhone OS 3.0 . At this point, most stuff is working although SBSettings has a couple small quirks. He also announced that he is planning to have everything ready and released before 3.0 is actually out

  • SBSettings – In addition to patching current kernel in current jailbreak to get this to work (sorry, I will not be able to give this patch out, wait for 3.0 to be released), I have fixed many of the changed hooks in Springboard 3 and installed an entirely new toggle mechanism. The old toggles mostly stopped working and had to be rewritten. This will also provide a more stable SSH toggle and EDGE toggle. It also will open the door for toggles like safari download and syslog which were previously not possible. Safari download toggle will become a trivial task and I plan to have a toggle whipped up for this new SBSettings.
  • BossPrefs – I planned on killing this app, but it seems to be used quite a lot in spite of SBSettings being out and better. The original BossPrefs was built for 1.1.x and built with the compatibility SDK. This is no longer possible to use on 3.0. I had to rewrite it from scratch. In doing so, I have it actually using the SBSettings toggles pack. (Yes, even brightness, fastnotes and the likes work, LOL).
  • Categories – Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed, which is no longer default install in Cydia.
  • Poof – Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed.
  • Flashlight – Tested, worked with no modification.
  • Docs – Tested, worked with no modification.