Make and Receive Free or Low-Cost Phone Calls With iCall for iPhone

iCall for the iPhone is a revolutionary new product that lets you make and receive free or low-cost phone calls anywhere you have a WiFi Internet connection.

Freedom to call anywhere in the world

With iCall, you can call anywhere in the world at the best rates around. Unlimited US and Canadian calling is included in our iCall Total Access calling plan, and costs just 2.1¢ per minute on our pay as you go option.

Say goodbye to roaming charges

No matter where you are in the world, if a WiFi network is available, your calls are always the same price. Finally you can stop burning through expensive roaming minutes and just use iCall instead!

International One Rate

For calls to destinations outside of the United States & Canada, iCall offers more than 50 countries for 6¢ per minute or less! Click here to view international calling rates.

Switch calls from cell to VoIP

iCall for the iPhone introduces revolutionary new technology that lets you seamlessly switch calls from your regular cell phone to iCall. When you receive a call on your assigned iCall personal inbound number, simply open the iCall client to instantly save your cell minutes!

Try iCall for free

iCall provides you with three calling plans, download iCall for the iPhone today and try it for free!