Vatican iPhone App Drops May 24th

In an effort to reach out to young, tech-savvy Catholics, the Holy See will launch an iPhone app to coincide with its World Communications Day, celebrated May 24.

The Vatican app was created by Father Paolo Padrini, the priest who developed iBrevary, an app that puts morning prayer, evening prayer and night prayers on the iPhone and a Facebook application called Praybook.

“The pope is inviting us to promote a culture of dialogue, of respect and friendship, especially among young people,” Archbishop Claudio Celli told Catholic News.

The initiative to put the Pope in your pocket comes after  the Vatican youtube channel and will launch from a website (not yet live) called So far the app lets people send and receive “virtual postcards” of Pope Benedict along with inspiring  excerpts from the pope’s various speeches.  No word on whether its gratis or, like the iBreviary, will cost $.99.

[via Catholic News]