ATTENTION: In-App AdMob Ads Could Contain Dialers

Remember when I told you to lock every sensitive app you got on your iPhone? Well, it seems that you’re not safe even where you’re the only one who uses the phone.A group of French users, did some tests on some in-app Admob banners, which if accidentally clicked could make calls to numbers with exorbitant rates.

Apple, as stated in its SDK, allows native apps to place calls without your confirmation and while this can result in some unpleasant surprises if you’re inattentive or if your kids are playing with your iPhone, there is always the possibility to quickly hang-up.But, the French users discovered that when you click on the Admob advertising, it initiates a call in the background without any possibility of being able to hang up.

[via AppAdvice - thx iNinja via widget]