HowTo: Password Protect Your iPhone Apps

Every time im with my friends they usually ask for my iPhone , pretending they want to “see it”. I dont mind that at all, but 8 out of 10 people have this bad habit to go directly for the “Photos” icon on the springboard asking with a 10 years old naivety  ” What’s this?” …. its a fuckin unicorn, what you think it is? It says right there P H O T O S…..

Don’t get me wrong, i dont mind at all to pass my iPhone , but some things are personal and i dont come to your house and look in your fridge so… That is the most irrelevant example i can give, but for me it is an important one. You also have a ton of sensitive data on your iPhone, that you might not want to share with just anybody, even if they are your friends. ( Email App, Messages, Contacts, Call history, browser history,  etc ).

Unfortunately the iPhone does not provide us with such a function, we can only set a password for accessing the springboard. But as usual, jailbreaking the devices, is a blessing from above.

NOTE: i really suggest you set a password for accessing the home screen and passwords for each sensitive apps on your iPhone as well. Why? Well , for example a “hustler” only needs about 30 seconds with your phone to use it in his/her benefit. You might be wondering what he/her can possibly do? Well he sets his own number on your phone, and every-time you call any number, you call the “hustler” number first, the “hustler” is making money and you dont even know you call that number. All you know is that you got a extra large bill.

How to Password Protect your iPhone Apps

  • load Cydia
  • tap on search
  • look for LockDown
  • install it
  • respring your iPhone

Now you will have a new icon on your iPhone’s springboard called LockDown, which is the app you will use to password protect your sensitive data. When you will run the Lockdown application for the first time, you will be asked to setup a Safety Code and a Password. This password will be used to unlock any locked application and to open Lockdown itself. Safety code is useful in case you forget your LockDown password.

Once you have setup the Password and safety code, you will see all your iPhone applications listed on next screen.
Select any application you want to lock, a Lock button will appear. By tapping that button your selected application will be locked and a little lock icon will appear next to that locked application.

Now if you close LockDown App and try to open you locked application, you will be prompted to enter the password to open it. Use your Lockdown password to open that App.

When you tap on the settings button, you will be able to change your password and safety word, lock/unlock all applications and some other options that you can see in the screenshots below.

NOTE: if you turn off the lockdown dlyb then even when you have an application locked, when you open it the password screen  will not come up. So, if you have all your apps, or most of your apps locked, and you need to use them as fast as you can just turn it off ( if you are by yourself )