Genuine Chinese iPhone Clones. Apple Wants To Know Who Is The Parts Supplier

A few days ago, an iPhone Mini demo video got on the Internet , and the weird part was that it actually had an original casing and bezel and everything. Well , as you might know, Apple has been selling the iPhone in China for a while now, and the black market is hotter than ever because it offers smart phones that are not deprived of such features as WiFi connectivity . Conducting a survey , Chinese police discovered an organizations that produced clones in the city of Shenzen.

They had 1,000 units with over 6,000 external batteries ready to be shipped . Police have arrested 7 people and held for questioning another 28. Apple said it will send experts to China to shed light on this case, trying to discover how could they clone the phones, in other words, who is the supplier of those parts which are , most probably, subtracted directly from the factory.

If that is the case, and they had a supplier, that means that Apple will release an iPhone mini in the future?