AssistanExtension Add-On Makes Siri A Jailbreaking Expert

New day, new add-on in Cydia. Ever wanted Siri to Answer your Jailbreak FAQ? With Jailbreak FAQ Add-on for AssistanExtension Chatbot, Siri will do just that! Siri will even give you solutions to common iTunes Errors while upgrade or downgrading! Just Ask ” Error XXXX ” and Siri will tell you the fix!

Some of the Other Questions included:

  • What is Jailbreaking?
  • What is Cydia?
  • What is the History of Cydia?
  • How can I Jailbreak?
  • How Do you know so much about jailbreaking?
  • Who made ios 5 Jailbreak?
  • And much more…..

To use this add-on, trigger Siri and say “Let’s Chat” to enable Siri ChatBot. Once enabled, you can ask questions about the wonderful world of jailbreaking.

NOTE: AssistantExtensions will be installed. Enable this plugin from Settings…

Jailbreak FAQ Add-on is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo…


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