If The Apple Watch Was Round….

what if Apple would’ve made the iWatch round?


The Apple Watch was unveiled to the world earlier this week as a rounded square timepiece and it will be available early next year in two square editions and a variety of finishes. But what if Apple would’ve made the iWatch round? UX and UI designer Alcion has opened up Photoshop and some 3D rendering software to find out.

Jump over the break to check out the concept in greater detail…


A real “What if” moment still remains the Apple x Rolex concept. You can check it out right here

apple-watch-round-2-FSMdotCOM apple-watch-round-3-FSMdotCOM apple-watch-round-4-FSMdotCOM apple-watch-round-5-FSMdotCOM apple-watch-round-6-FSMdotCOM apple-watch-round-7-FSMdotCOM



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