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Apple Introduces The Apple Watch


After years of rumors and speculations, it finally happened – Apple has announced the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch comes with a sapphire display, four sensors on the back, NFC, Apple Pay and you can choose between different straps ( six at launch ). Apple claims that the watch is accurate to 50ms and it’s the most personal device they’ve ever created.

As far as design goes, the Apple watch has a lot more in common with the iPhone than it has with a traditional watch. The watch comes with curved edges and power button on the side. It also comes with a “Digital Crown,” a hardware dial ( just like on a regular watch ) which can be used to navigate menus and maps, zoom into images and more.


Tim Cook said that Apple didn’t want to create a wrist version of the iPhone. So how will it work? The Apple watch will know when you lift your wrist to look at it and it will activate the display ( similar to Samsung’s Gear ) .

In case you’re wondering, the Apple Watch does notifications. You can see meetings and message alerts and they are actionable too. For instance, you can decline an invite without having to pull out your phone. Oh yes, Siri is also present on the iWatch.

There will also be dedicated apps for the Apple watch, from both Apple ( maps, messages etc ) and from third-parties ( City Mapper, American Airlines etc ).

The Apple Watch will also act as a fitness tracker and a dedicated sports watch. It will come with dedicated “Activity” and “Workout” apps – however, you’ll need your iPhone’s GPS when you go for a run.

Other rumors turned out to be true, including the flexible display that can determine if you’re tapping or pressing the screen and the heart-rate monitor.

Infrared and visible-light LEDs, along with photosensors, detect your pulse rate
Infrared and visible-light LEDs, along with photosensors, detect your pulse rate

If you were wondering about how you’ll charge it, it uses inductive charging, – something that looks like a MegSafe.

It will come out in 3 “collections”:

  • Apple Watch ( aluminum )
  • Apple Watch Sport ( stainless steel )
  • Apple Watch Edition ( 18-carat gold )

Everything sounds so good so far, right? Well here’s the bad part…. the price will start at $350 and you’ll need an iPhone to go along side it ( iPhone 5 and up – connection made via WiFi and/or Bluetooth 4.0 ).  The Apple Watch will come out “early 2015”