Apple TV Concept [Pics]

If you have read the recently released Steve Jobs biography or even been on the internet the passed few weeks, you have undoubtedly seen the infamous “I’ve cracked the TV” quote from Steve himself.

For many years the old “Apple is going to make a TV” rumor has made it rounds thru every blog and fanboys mouth, but one artist, Guilherme M. Schasiepen, took that quote and decided to make his own concept of what the Apple Television would maybe look like.

“In this concept, the iTv, is a tv made of steel and glass and is extremely thin. It also brings an IOS completely renovated and incredible new features such as TV Apps, including a app store only for this device. and include the No-Glasses 3D technology, FaceTime HD, iCloud, AirPlay, Siri Control, and of course the multitouch screen.”

Guilherme also has pretty nice ideas of what he think the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 may look like.

[by MontyDesi]