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AirVideoEnabler: Enables Video Streaming To AppleTV Using AirPlay From 3rd Party Apps, Including Safari [video]

Yesterday we told you that AllPlay – a tweak to enable AirPlay video support in third party apps, which makes iOS 4.2 run the way it suppose to – was submitted to BigBoss and should be available in Cydia today. Unfortunately, BigBoss didn’t refresh the repo, and the package is not yet, but a new tweak is available now: AirVideoEnabler

AirVideoEnabler enables video streaming to AppleTV using AirPlay from any 3rd party apps, including Safari. Normally, AirPlay video is restricted to the

NOTE: its not lazerproof. Don’t expect to stream all your content without glitches

In order to install AirVideoEnabler, you will need to add this repo:

Later update:

1. Wont work with Netflix. You will only be able to stream audio. No video.
2. Don’t have a Hulu+ account anymore, so we don’t know if that works.