HOW TO: Add Siri Dictation To iPhone 3GS/4 and iPod Touch 4 [video]

Even though Apple said that Siri is an iPhone 4S ONLY feature and they don’t plan on bringing it to ‘older’ devices, some developers managed to fully port it to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4. Unfortunately, they can distribute the port because of legal reasons ( read all about it here ), but somebody managed to distribute the next best thing: Siri dictation.

First of all, we’re not sure how legal is this, but understand that we have no affiliation with people involved in this distribution, so if anybody at Apple still keeps an eye on FSM, please lay the f*ck off, mmkay? Thanks

Second of all the servers are down at the moment, so we’re unable to test it first hand. Reports are showing that it’s working as advertised.

Third of all, your device must be on iOS 5 and jailbroken. Unfortunately at the moment, there’s only a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5. So if you didn’t jailbreak by now, it’s only up to you if Siri dictation worths all the hassle. NOTE: there’s a semitethered option available for iOS 5. Read about it here

NOTE: removed from Cydia…

Finally, to get Siri dictation on your iPhone 3GS/4 or iPod Touch 4 you need to:

1. Load Cydia

2. Add the following repo:

3. Install Seri0us

4. That’s it. Check out the video below to check out Seri0s in action…