10 Newly Granted Patents For Apple Inc.

Over the time we presented you various Apple patents. Today, The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 10 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. The notables within this group include one relating Apple’s touch technology in respect to a soft key interaction indicator, another relating to an SATA storage device, yet another relating to everything you wanted to know about assembling an iPod and finally, a granted patent for the iPhone’s Account Information Display which notes Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.

Some of the granted Apple patents:

  • Soft Key Interaction Indicator
  • Apple’s iPhone Account Information Display
  • Handheld Computing Device
  • System and Method for a Host to Access an Internal SATA Storage Device within an Accessible Host using an External Serial ATA Connection

If you want to read more about this patents you can check Patently Apple .