HOW TO: Watch MegaVideo Videos On Your iPhone And iPad

Earlier today we showed you how to install iOSFlashVideo to watch flash videos on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Now let’s see how to watch megavideo vids on your iOS devices. This time, you will need a jailbroken iOS devices.

What you need:

  • Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and/or iPad
  • SBSettings
  • BUZZ Player for iPhone or iPad ( or something similar )

How to:

1. First load Cydia and add the following repo:

2. Install ‘Megalink’ from the newly added repo ( and SBSettings in case you don’t have it installed already )

3. In SBSettings, make sure you have the ‘Fast Notes’ toggle ON.

4. If you don’t , tap on More>Set Toggles> Find ‘Fast Notes’ and turn it ON.

5. Now find a video on MegaVideo that you want to watch, and copy paste its link in SBSettings>Fast Notes. NOTE: you only have to copy it once, and then just replace the old video ID with the new one. If you are confused, a video link looks like this: . The ‘’ part remains unchanged for every video. You will only need to change the ‘UQXC4WP1’ part.

6. Now, load MobileTerminal ( don’t worry, if you didn’t have it installed, megalink installed it for you ) and type:



7. Now, going back to SBSettings>Fast Notes> you will notice a new link in there. Copy it to clipboard.

8. Now load, BUZZ Player and tap on the 3rd icon at the bottom

9. Paste the copied link from Fast Notes and tap on ‘Go’

10. That’s it. Enjoy the video…

[thx Massimo, via iSpazio]