HOW TO: Display Usage Stats On The iPad And iPod Touch

I don’t know why, but Apple left usage stats out of the iPad and iPod Touch settings. I like being able to see how long its been since I last charged my device. And iPhone users have it, so why shouldn’t everyone. This requires a jailbroken device of course. And you’ll need either openSSH or afc2 access(to edit a couple of files) and a plist editor or text editing app like Text Wrangler..

NOTE: Before starting, we suggest making back-ups of these files, just incase.

With your preferred application, navigate over to “/Applications/” and look for the area with “USAGE“.  With your favorite plist editor, Remove the “requiredCompatabilities” string.

Now head over to the /Applictaions/ Statistics.plist and again, with your plist editor, remove “required Compatabilities” from the “USAGE_HEADER”, “USAGE_ELAPSED”, and “STANDBY_ELAPSED”.

A quick re-spring, and you’ll see usage statistics in the Settings/General area on your device.