Most Wanted: Vans iPhone 4/4S Rubber Waffle Case

If they ever decide to launch the iPhone cases and accessories awards, we have found a strong contender for the iPhone 4 Case of the Year trophy with this Vans Rubber Waffle edition. Vans took their iconic waffle patterned sole and fittingly placed it underneath a white “midsole.” They also applied the red Vans Off the Wall tag, a navy foxing stripe around the border of the screen, and they even put a toe bumper to top it off! They have moved fast and are hitting $100 on ebay. But don’t give up…

Don’t give into the hype and pay 3x retail for this, on eBay!  Be patient people. OffTheWallSite reports that Vans online store is sold out, but some Vans stores may still have them, and others haven’t received them yet.  Some stores say they won’t get them until after Christmas, and there’s also rumors that a wide-spread release is set for February.  Hopefully that’s the case, so everyone can rock this awesome joint!

Later edit: Vans has announced that the next drop will be in February 2012 and the case will go for 28 USD.